Formagari is an independent type foundry run by Emmanuel Besse in Marseille, France. We aim to produce quality and singular typefaces while having fun doing it.

The Formagari catalogue is fueled by our practice as graphic designers and art directors. We are either trying to fill a tiny gap by designing something that we feel is missing in the visual landscape or because we just want to deliver our version of a certain model. In any case, we are driven by a desire for new letterforms and a sincere love of drawing type.

Trial fonts

We offer fully functional trial fonts so you can test the typefaces in your projects before you consider buying them. Please note that trial fonts are only meant to try the families out and are subject to licensing (read below). We choose to provide complete character sets because we don’t want to obstruct testing, especially in the first stages of design. We do this because we trust people will come forward and buy their licenses when the time has come.


All Formagari fonts are subject to licensing. Please read the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) on the dedicated page or in PDF by following the links below.

We tried to make it as clear as possible so customers can easily understand what is allowed and what is restricted. Like many others in this industry (hats off to everyone moving the lines and being transparent and clear during the process), we believe that fonts create value and we seek a fair pricing and licensing model. We want designers to be able to afford our typefaces and companies that will make use of their inherent value to pay the right price.


Can I test the fonts before purchasing?

Yes. We provide trial versions for free. These are fully functional fonts made for evualating and exploring at the early stages of design, or for pitching. If used commercially, you will need to buy the fonts with a complete license and will obtain different font files.

Who really owns the licence? Who should pay for it?

Short version: the entity paying for the license owns it.

Long version: As a designer, if you are buying the license for a specific project, the client should pay for it and would own it (in this case, you don’t need to buy your own license, you need to fill out the form specifying the license owner).
If you want to buy a typeface for exploring in future designs, you will buy and own your own license. Then if the typeface is used in-house by a client (meaning they install the font or embed it on their website), they will need to buy their own license.

Are modifications of the fonts allowed?

No. You can’t open the font files, modify and export them back yourself. If you want a design modification or need to cover a specific language that’s currently not supported, please write to info@formagari.com for a chat.

Can you draw a new typeface for me?

Yes. We design custom typefaces and we’d be very happy to draw one for your project. Please get in touch at info@formagari.com.

There is a problem with a font. Can you fix it?

We try our best to provide functional font files. We believe they will work in the majority of cases, but if you spot an error or a bug, please write us so we can fix it. Some softwares, however, bypass the font inner settings and we can’t guarantee that everything will perfect everywhere.

I made an order and I didn’t receive my fonts.

Please write to info@formagari.com with your order number or receipt so we can send it to you as soon as possible.

Do you provide variable fonts?

At the moment, we don’t ship variable fonts within our delivery packages. That being said, all our fonts have variable axes, so if you need a variable font for a specific project and you purchased a Desktop + Web license, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you offer discounts for students or newly graduated designers?

Students can use trial versions of our fonts for personal and school projects as they are fully functional. If you are a student or a fresh graduate facing financial constraints and need a licence for a commercial project, please email us at info@formagari.com, and we would be happy to create a special coupon for you.

Artists & Collaborators

Arthur Bonifay
Charlotte Krieger
Julian Garnier
Roxane Gataud
Pierre Girardin
Julien Gobled
Yasmina Gonin
Fanny Hamelin
Sylvain Julé
Lucas Le Bihan
Nicolas Pedde Lay
Camille Potte
Mathieu Réguer
Maxime Verret


Formagari / Emmanuel Besse
38 rue Virgile Marron
13005 Marseille, France

Fonts In Use

Code by Sylvain Julé